Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jokowi: Through Will Also MRT BMW Park Stadium

In the event launching the construction of the stadium Clean Humane Authoritative ( BMW ) in Tanjung Priok , North Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) , Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said , in the future in an international stadium was also bypassed the mass rapid transit ( MRT ) .

"Later MRT also can through here , the construction of the stadium is also more on penghijauannya , especially close to the lake for water sports , " said Jokowi .
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He explained that , before the construction was built , the land will be ripening first. "Formerly it is swamp land so after the first ripening and ripened the soil is considered ideal to be built new construction , " he explained .

Stadium 12 hectares will also be used as a football club headquarters in Jakarta .

According to the plan , construction will last for 2 years ( 2015-2017 ) and as a whole the total budget required for the development of Rp 1.2 trillion .

The stadium would later become icons and landmarks which will meet the needs of the community as well as the perpetrators of the sport in the country with the availability of leisure and sports facilities of international standard .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Finance Minister Admits Hard Raising Tax Revenue

Finance Minister Chatib Basri acknowledged the difficulty increase state revenue from taxes . According to him , fixing the fiscal policy results can not be directly visible as in the field of monetary policy .

That he told the minister that examines a number of mini factions view the House of Representatives ( DPR ) of Indonesia , which asked the government to optimize the sources of state revenue from taxes including one .

" Tax policy different from monetary policy . Kalu monetary policy , interest rate dinaikkin now , the real sector directly brake. Interest rate credit directly ngalir diturunin now , " said he met after the plenary session , in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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"If tax policy is taken now , the new effect next year . Due to collect taxes next year , " said Chatib .

Furthermore, he said , after applied a year later , not be able to do all . It was , further Chatib , tax officials still have to collect money from companies , private persons .

" So it needs time . Was why monetary policy is more than a short term fiscal policy , " he said .

The former head of BKPM , said the tax matter is not easy . Director General of Taxation Fuad Rachmani was already doing everything they can attempt to pursue the tax revenue target of Rp 60 trillion accusto , compared to last year .

However, the result is a new look in the coming year . " It should be slowly , but there are several steps eg individual taxpayers , then e - invoices and then e - online , " he concluded .

Previously , a number of faction Parliament gives his views about tax increases . Some of them are Hanura faction , PAN faction and faction Gerindra . In fact , ask Gerindra Fraction pemerinta pengemplang to crack down on corporate tax to increase state revenue .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Anti-American, but the President of Venezuela enjoy doing Twitter

President of Venezuela , Nicolas Maduro , who has been outspoken against the United States ( U.S. ) apparently fond of the U.S. social media sites , namely Twitter . His Twitter account already has 2 million followers or followers .

Despite popular claims in cyberspace , Maduro considered still less popular and less charismatic than his predecessor , Hugo Chavez . "Today reach 2 million followers on Twitter my already active for almost a year ! " He exclaimed during a speech in front of students in Caracas .
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Maduro , like Chavez , by the public in the country considered most misrepresented socialist system , and he actually called agents of the capitalist system . Even some media dubbed fake Venezuela as a socialist state .

Both Maduro and Chavez proved fond of social media Twitter U.S. based . Maduro Twitter account is @ NicolasMaduro . If Maduro has 2 million followers on Twitter , Chavez would have a lot more followers on Twitter , reaching 4 million followers .

Maduro claimed to use Twitter to express things right in the country to people who were hostile to socialist ideology in Venezuela , especially among Americans .

" Of the 2 million ( followers ) , 30 percent are U.S. persons . Every day , my message to reach them . I am grateful to all the followers of this communication tool , to tell the truth about Venezuela , " he said as quoted by Reuters on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

Caracas and Washington in the last three months of arguing . Government Maduro accused Washington of being behind a massive street protests in Venezuela .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shrouded Positive Sentiment, JCI Closed Gains 59.59 Points

Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) continues to show strength today , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) , along with the positive movement of the bourses in the Asia Pacific .

The release of Chinese manufacturing performance index that was at the highest level in five months participating mengguyurkan positive sentiment on the stock exchange , as well as coming from Wall Street .

At 16.00 hours , JCI rose by 59.59 points, or 1.21 percent at 4969.88 . There are 207 stocks rose , while the remaining 87 stocks fell and 84 shares stagnant .
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Trading volume reached 6.32 billion shares worth Rp 5.96 lot trillion . Foreign investors recorded a net buy on this day , thus contributing to the increase in JCI .

Stocks that give a positive turnover largest shareholder is TLKM ( USD 2,535 ) , BBRI ( Rp 10,800 ) , ASII ( USD 7,600 ) , BMRI ( Rp 10,375 ) , and PGAS (USD 5,725 ) .

Compact sectoral indices gained entirely on this day , the agribusiness sector ( 0.89 per cent ) , mining ( 1.62 percent ) , basic industries ( 0.76 percent ) , miscellaneous industries ( 1.19 percent ) , consumer ( 0.04 percent ) , property ( 1.01 percent ) , infrastructure ( 1.64 percent ) , finance ( 1.88 percent ) , trade ( 0.97 percent ) and manufacturing ( 0.53 percent ) .

As we know , China's manufacturing activity moving rapidly in this month , and touched the highest level in five months . Despite this , the state government support is still needed in order to keep the economy moving.

Performance increases were seen manufacturing purchasing managers index ( PMI) reached 49.7 HSBC released this month . The highest level in the last five months . In the previous month , the Chinese PMI at 48.1 level .

Achieving that gave impetus to the market in its own region. The Nikkei rose 2.11 per cent, at 14337.79 , while Hong Kong's Hang Seng index also gained 0.51 percent at 22953.76 .

Today, the rupiah weakened , though thin , at 0.07 percent to Rp 11,515 per U.S. dollar .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

1,334 Participants in NTT UN Paket C Disqualified

A total of 1,334 participants of the National Exam C study group package in the province of East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) did not pass . Participants who do not pass the packet C is spread evenly in 21 counties and cities in the province.

Head of Education and Culture of NTT , Sinun Peter Manuk , to , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) , said it definitely does not record any district which accounts for the highest number of participants who did not pass the C package .

" Participants enrolled in the list of packages that remain nominative UN participants as many as 4,233 people , but 3,099 people who graduated , so the number of participants who did not pass as many as 1,334 people , or the percentage that is 69.91 percent , " said Manuk .
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Therefore , says Manuk , his agency opened an opportunity for those who failed to retake the two packets C phase in August 2014 . Tests are also open to high school students who did not pass the national exam .

While it says Manuk , tallest grades for teaching science dirahi group of students from Kupang Lighthouse Christian High School with a total value of 49 , 49 . The highest value of group social studies , high school students achieved Kisol Seminary Pius XII with a total value of 47.54 . Then , from the language group , the highest value obtained from the high school seminary students Santu Rafael Kupang , which stood at a total value of 49.13 .


Monday, May 19, 2014

6 Party Prabowo-Hatta Declaration of Support

Six political parties expressed support mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa as a presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate . The declaration submitted in Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Declaration submitted by the Vice Chairman of the PAN Drajad Wibowo , President of MCC Anis Matta , and Chairman of the United Development Party Suryadharma Ali . The three parties that had already been expressed support for Prabowo .
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Interestingly , the declaration ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Crescent Star Party MS Kaban and Golkar Party chairman , Idrus Marham and among Tjipjip Sutardjo Sharif . They said she had come to represent Golkar chairman Bakrie . The statement Gerindra delivered directly by Prabowo .

In pernyatannnya , the leaders of the political parties believe Indonesia will be better if led by Prabowo - Hatta . They assume that there is no better choice than a spouse Prabowo - Hatta . They also ask support to the Indonesian people .

" I feel no need to explain why , " said Anis .

Kaban assume that the couple is a couple who , between words and deeds .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All the Regional Spatial chaotic!

Implementation of the Spatial Plan ( Spatial ) throughout Indonesia mess. Spatial Though not include a requirement to change the land use . First convert the green land , productive rice , and forest , into residential , commercial , and industrial .

Minister for Housing , Djan Faridz , reveals that the Bogor regent Rachmat related arrest Yasin by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) when meeting reporters ahead of his final term , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

" Spatial Local Government (LG ) all chaotic , whereas the layout has been determined what percentage of green , yellow what percentage . Changing to receive the money , the KPK arrested . 's A fair way , land in Bekasi , Karawang land in , land in Bogor the land you live on rice . designation change fields, so occupancy . was violated Spatial Planning Act , but why is left ? Because the Commission does not know , " he said .
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Therefore , construction of flats owned ( rusunami ) become very important and crucial . In this way , there should be no logging , pengalihfungsian wetland , and other actions that damage the environment and spatial castrated .

" Regent Bogor arrested for mengalihfungsikan forest land , because he wanted to build the house . Regent Bogor aja arrested . Narrow Do not talk , look of the macros , " said Djan .

Djan said the government , developers , and the community should shift focus on building rusunami . In the era of President Soeharto 's leadership society began to be directed to the vertical housing . In fact , when the supply of land and yet there is still a lot of global warming .

" Now the forests are depleted , still want nyabet paddy soil . Later we want to eat where if there is no rice ? There is no concept of growing rice in concrete - concrete building , " he added .

According to Djan saving , people need to know , they also need to eat . Therefore, do not mengalihfungsikan forest soil and paddy soil . Forest products , such as wood is no less important to everyday life .

"I'll make a circular for Local Government (LG ) , prohibits the use change , " he said .

For the record , hand fishing operations conducted KPK Bogor regent Rachmat Yasin ensnare , Head of Agriculture and Forestry, Bogor Regency Muhammad Zairin , and Xavier Franciskus Yohan from the private sector .

The arrest alleged conversion process protected forest area of ​​2,754 hectares of land to be owned housing developer PT Bukit Jonggol Asri .