Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shrinking the World's Largest coral due to Climate Change

GREAT Barrier Reef or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in danger of losing a large portion of the population of coral reefs . This is caused by bad weather , pollution , and other sea creatures population explosion .( see also: lomba burung )

Great Barrier Reef ( GBR ) in Australia is the world's largest collection of coral reefs which consists of approximately 3,000 reefs and 900 islands , which stretches along 2,600 km . The reef is located in the Coral Sea , off the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia . Most of these coral areas , including parts that are protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park ( Great Barrier Reef Marine Park ) .

Because of the wealth of coral reefs , GBR become the most famous dive sites in the world , even so-called can be seen from outer space . Unfortunately , corals and coral reefs in the GBR has shrunk by half over the past 27 years .

According to research scientists , shrinking the amount of corals and coral reefs caused by storms , pollution , and the presence of starfish population explosion that suck nutrients depleted coral . With such a high depreciation rate , GBR will be drastically reduced to a decade . Fortunately , the scientists also say that the coral reefs and can be recovered if the starfish populations can be controlled and reduced carbon dioxide emissions globally .
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Great Barrier Reef is the most iconic coral reefs in the world , and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site .


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