Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rudi Rubiandini Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Former Head of the Special Working satua ( SKK ) Oil , Rudi Rubiandini , was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by a trial judge of Corruption (Corruption ) Jakarta .

Panel of Judges , said Rudi proven legally and convincingly together accepting bribes and money laundering related to projects in the oil and gas SKK .

" Dropping imprisonment for seven years to the defendant Rudi Runbiandini , " said Chief Justice, Amin Ismanto , when reading the verdict at the Corruption Court on Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .
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In addition , Rudi also imposed a fine of Rp200 million subsidiary three months confinement .

Rudi charged under Article 12 letter a in conjunction with Article 11 of the Corruption Eradication Law Jo . Article 3 of the Law on the Prevention and Eradication TPPPU Jo . Article 65 paragraph 1 Jo . Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code to - 1 .

Aggravating things that Rudi does not support the government in combating corruption . While Rudi mitigating circumstances , because it was never punished , regretted his actions and be polite during their trial .

In the verdict , the judge was not a sound . The dissenting opinion of two judges decided , Matheus Samiadji . He admitted , Rudi inappropriately charged with Article 11 of the Anti-Corruption Act .

Responding to the verdict , Rudi Rubiandini admitted receiving and will not file appeal .

" Bismillah , to say Innalillahi I received this verdict , " said Rudi .

Meanwhile , Attorney General Commission , said still thinking related to the judges verdict against Rudi .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

South Korean President Apologizes Requested Ferry Incident

South Korean government opposition , New Political Alliance for Democracy ( NPAD ) , asked President Park Geun - hye 'm sorry about the sinking last March 16 .

They also highlight the resignation of Prime Minister Chung Hong -won with no call responsibility and cowardly . NPAD stressed , all members of the cabinet , including the Chung , must do his best for the calamity that killed hundreds of people.
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'' The most important thing now is the president responsible attitude , '' said Vice Chairman Ahn Cheol - soo NPAD as quoted by the Korea Herald on Sunday ( 27/4 ) .

It is natural , Ahn said , if the president as the number one nation apologizes for failures that do while still doing a thorough investigation and to prosecute those responsible for the sinking of the ferry Sewol . That's because the government considered to have failed to perform its obligations to protect the lives of its citizens .

Despite having resigned , NPAD asked Chung to remain responsible for incident handling Sewol ferry . '' What happens if the prime minister resign in times of crisis like this ? The thing to do is attempt to fully resolve the disaster , '' said Ahn .

NPAD also asked for an explanation openly parliament this year over the sinking of a ferry Sewol .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Allegedly Plow Plane Because of Depression

Matt Christopher , an Australian citizen making a scene with his actions while Virgin Australia plane ride from Brisbane to Denpasar . 28 -year -old man was drunk .

Matt then tried to break through the entrance to the aircraft cockpit banging on the cockpit door . The pilot then locked the cockpit door from the inside and sends a signal piracy to the Air Traffic Controllers ( ATC ) Ngurah Rai International Airport , Bali . As soon as the plane landed at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali , Matt finally arrested immediately .
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Matt , the drunkard troublemaker in Virgin Australia plane that turns taking drugs prior to fly . After downing the drugs , he then drank soda .

" Before leaving she take medicine Voltaren 2 eggs , Panadol 4 grains , and 2 cans of soda , " said Head of Bali Police spokesman Sr. Comr Hery Wiyanto in Denpasar , Bali , Saturday, April 26, 2014 .

From the results of the examination while , Matt 's depressed and middle fraught domestic problems with his wife who came from Bandung . Matt Arrivals to Bali to look for his wife .

" It's been 2 weeks of this lost contact (break communication ) . 3 weeks before his wife was to Australia , " said Hery .
Matt has not been named as a suspect . His condition has not been stable . Police confirms , what Matt is not piracy . Only passengers who make a fuss .

"If the Aviation Law , there is Article 412 of Law No. 1 of 2009 on Flight Threatening acts , " said Hery .
Threatened Punishment 2 Year Bui
Professor of International Law , University of Indonesia ( UI FH ) Hikmahanto Heilbron judge , police had jurisdiction or legal authority over Matt who assessed disrupt air travel safety at Ngurah Rai Airport .
" Police Authority is based on the principle of territorial sovereignty plane landed in Indonesia , " Hikmahanto said in a statement received Liputan6.com in Jakarta .

If the country where the plane landed relinquish jurisdiction , then the aircraft citizenship , perpetrators , and victims of crime can take over .
According Hikmahanto , if handled in Indonesia , Matt can be charged under Article 412 of Law No. 1 of 2009 on Aviation . In the article it is mentioned , every person on board the aircraft during the flight that acts endangering flight safety and security can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp 500 million .
As a result of the action Matt , I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport was closed for 35 minutes after at 14:40 to 15:15 pm . During the closure there were nine flights were diverted to the details of seven flights to the Juanda Airport - Surabaya and two flights to Lombok International Airport as well as a cost - Praya RTB ( return to base ) to Surabaya - Juanda Airport back .

Chronology Alleged Piracy
Matt troublemakers action originated from a report conducted Aircraft Virgin Australia Brisbane - Denpasar route hijacked . Suspected hijacked plane later landed at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali at 14:43 pm . The atmosphere at the airport in an uproar Friday, April 25 afternoon .
Bravo Detachment 90 of the Air Force Paskhas and Sat Gultor ( 81/Penanggulangan Terror Unit ) of Special Forces were deployed to the airport . They are ready to find out suspected piracy Virgin Australia aircraft type Boeing 737-800 with 41 VA flight number and registration number VH YIF Brisbane - Denpasar route .

The plane carrying 137 passengers including two infants and 6 crew and piloted by Neil Thomas Coper and Co Pilot Rian Richard Stokel then declared to be hijacked . Just a drunken passenger who disturb the comfort of the passengers .
The airline also confirmed there was no piracy . " There is news that Virgin Australia plane was hijacked in the route to Denpasar , it is not true , " said a statement posted on the Facebook page Virgin Australia , Friday, April 25, 2014 .

According to the Section Head Communication and Legal Angkasa Pura Shively Sanssouci , no passengers were injured . " It's a good landing , none ( Passenger ) were wounded , " he explained .
Drunks who make trouble in the Virgin Australia plane Air Force finally arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali . Naval Base Commander Colonel Ngurah Rai Air Force Airmen Sudiharto Prapto W said the arrests were made as capturing pirates .

There was no resistance Matt Christopher suspected pirates captured the moment . He was then handcuffed and taken off the plane . When arrested Matt unstable . His speech is also not good . The man seemed confused . He was dazed . Even according to the crew, Matt looked frightened .
After a series of initial examination at Base Ops Lanud Ngurah Rai , Bali , troublemakers on Virgin Air plane , Matt Christopher eventually transferred to the Bali Police . Christopher was taken using a police car at around 18:30 pm , with tight security .

Nearly 3 hours Christoper undergo a series of examinations . Starting from the identity and motive of its own actions . Christopher was not the first time it came to Bali .
Police also conduct urine tests and blood checks . Checking to see if Matt was drunk and mengosumsi drugs .
Bali Police also checked the flight crew is Virgin Australia pascainsiden troublemakers . General Directorate of Criminal Investigation investigators examine the captain Neil Thomas Cooper , Ryan Richard Stockwell co-pilot and cabin crew that the flight attendants on Saturday, April 26, 2014 .

Matt finally treated in Space Ratna , Trijata Police Hospital , Denpasar on Friday night after a 2-hour examination at the Bali Police .
Until Saturday , Matt can not questioning why do mischief . From the results of the investigation while , Matt was depressed due to family problems .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CCN, But Do not Give Fish Tackle Shop

Field Work Experience ( CCN ) is a college program that involves the students to go directly into the community and solve problems around them . Unfortunately, the program to leave the trauma itself in people's hearts .

According to the Community Development Program Coordinator ( Community Development ) Prasetya Mulya Business School ( PBMs ) M Setiawan Kusmulyono , trauma is the fear of citizens if the student simply provide programs and solutions that are instant . So , said Keli - so - familiar call when they finish the program , residents will again abandoned .
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"Often , the corruption runs so left . So many times when we ask for the willingness of citizens to Community Development program (call CCN at SBM) was rejected . They ( the students in the service learning program ) instead of just giving a fish hook, " said Keli , in the Media SBM Gathering 2014 in Penang Bistro , Kebun Sirih , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

To that end , he guarantees if ComDev SBM will not like it . In order to KKN program merrevitalisasi , ComDev will not last for a month , but eight months .

" The first two months of our survey and map the first people who will be invited to become a partner ComDev . Later , during one month , the students will be staying in the village with residents . Thereafter, for five months , the student must continue to monitor the sustainability of the business which has been built with partner in the form of reports , " he explained .

Keli admitted , not easy determining ComDev partners . Moreover , he continued , the electoral system is not based rental houses but the people 's commitment to evolve and become a foster parent .

" It's hard looking for a partner . 's In 150 homes , tap one by one , only 58 partners . Our system is not a rental house . Was not looking for a partner who only see money but want to develop. They also must be able to be a foster parent . Due to permit one group which consists of women and men living together is a sensitive issue , "said Keli .

Not only that , he stated , there are several other factors that make SBM trouble finding partners . Educational background of residents and culture inherent in them is the reason the difficulty of finding a partner .

" Background partners because most primary school graduates . So , not wealth or education benchmarks that we made ​​but motivation . Later , a culture that wants instant life straight big profit . Subsequently , indiscipline . Clear No bookkeeping so they spend the profits obtained without the rest . Finally, the social environment . Most villagers actually feel jealous when seeing other people succeed . 's so hinder the development of the residents, " he concluded .


Monday, April 21, 2014

PPP DIY: Support groomed, Suryadharma Injury Heart cadres

Decision DPP Chairman Ali Suryadharma Development Party advocating unilateral pencapresan Prabowo was judged to have offended the PPP cadres in the area , one in Yogyakarta Special Region .

It was said to be the Chairman of the Board of Regional Leadership ( DPW ) United Development Party ( PPP ) DIY Ma'sum Amrullah in Yogyakarta , on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

" We are strongly opposed to the decision in the area Suryadharma Ali . He had no commitment to the party's internal rules , " said Ma'sum .

According to him , the attitude has hurt Suryadharma cadres in the field since rallies Gerindra some time ago . That attitude also judged crashing rules proposed by Suryadharma among themselves . Suryadharma forbid PPP cadre party favor competitors .

" Suddenly he attended the party campaign our competitors , it is highly unethical and it really hurt cadre of friends who have been struggling , bleeding on the ground . Right he had never felt how pain and bitterness in the field to build support suddenly, the DPP can be many millions of votes, " he said .

According to him , the decision to support Suryadharma Prabowo has been out of the corridor Statutes and Bylaws ( AD / ART ) as well as the conference 's decision .

" The point was out of the conference decisions , decisions Conggress Kediri , and Conggress Bandung . Accordance nationally has been decided that the presidential and vice presidential candidate will be announced after the results of the legislative elections, " he said .

Party political policy -making mechanism , he said , must work through a national consensus ( Mukernas ) or at least through national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) .

" But , when he came out ( of the decision ) , the automatic stay should be subject to sanctions . CBOs course there are rules , " said Amrullah Ma'sum .
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Previously , Suryadharma stated that the declaration of support that he gave to Prabowo , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) , is not the official stance of the PPP . According to him , the support has not been formally declared as a coalition .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Enter search MH370 Critical Point

Enter search MH370 Critical Point
PERTH - Search Malaysia Airlines MH370 has entered the seventh week . The Australia announced that it would immediately solve the black box on the search Saturday, April 19, 2014 .

" Underwater search for the black boxes found on Malaysia Airlines MH370 be solved approximately five to seven days , " she says , as quoted from The Guardian , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Location underwater search was narrowed and a circle with a radius of about 10 miles . Location is the place where terdeteksinya four signals are believed to originate from ping black box MH370 on 8 April 2014.
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So far no signs of the discovery of debris from the plane. "As long as the weather is favorable for the launch and recovery of the AUV , they can run well supported Serviceability from the AUV . We must solve the underwater search and focused approximately five to seven days , " said the Team Fusion Centre ( JACC ) .

Rumored , the team will stop the search by air to maximize your search query by using the Bluefin - 21 . The passenger family will receive a report on the condition of his family as long as the aircraft can be found queries .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Israeli, Palestinian peace talks do with U.S. envoy

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators on Thursday met with U.S. envoy Martin Indyk , in an effort to find ways to extend the faltering peace talks .

The meeting has been postponed one day , with Israel implies that the delay for the murder of a police officer in the Israeli West Bank .

But the Palestinians say the delay is due to allow the participation of U.S. envoy Martin Indyk , AFP reported .

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met his own on Sunday and a three -way meeting with Indyk week ago , in a last effort to save the stagnant peace process , which was launched by the United States Secretary of State John Kerry in July for a period of nine months .

Washington encourages the extension of the talks preceding the deadline 29 April , but the negotiations were deadlocked two weeks ago when Israel refused to release Palestinian prisoners group agreed at launch talks .

The Palestinians retaliated by seeking accession to several international treaties .

Despite the crisis , a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Abu Rudeina stressed the talks could be extended if Israel freed 26 prisoners , the last wave of a total of 104 prisoners Israel agreed to veterans who were released .

" What is needed now is a commitment to Israel on issues that may lead to an extension of talks . If they do , we are ready , " he said on Wednesday .

And Abbas told the Israeli opposition lawmaker who visited her in the West Bank administrative center of Ramallah that he would insist that 14 Israeli Arabs were among those freed , according to Haaretz newspaper .

The report said that if the extended talks , Abbas wants the first three months " is devoted to the serious discussion of the border . "

The Palestinians want a state based on the lines that existed before Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 Six Day War .
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According to Channel 2 , Israel's Chief of Homeland Security Shin Bet called for 10 of 26 scheduled for released prisoners deported abroad or transferred to Gaza .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Indonesian TV journalist in a New Era

JAKARTA - Indonesia is believed to start off from the Reformation era and will enter the era of the New Indonesia 2014 election results . Indonesian In New era , all components of the nation , including television journalist faced with challenges and a new dimension in the various fields of life . The television journalist will face a new reality in the political , bureaucratic , economic , and legal .

Aware of the complicated situation , Indonesian Television Journalists Association ( IJTI ) Indonesian Television Journalism Month held in May 2014 with the theme " TV journalist in a New Era of Indonesia " .

" Every month of May IJTI organized Television Journalism Indonesia with two main objectives . Improving competence and educate members of the public in dialogue , the community can take advantage of a whole series of events as a feedback to the entire world of journalism tv and television stations , " said Chairman IJTI , Hendriana Yadi , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .
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During May , said Yadi , there will be a variety of activities in order to formulate new perceptions television journalism not to lose his soul . " That is , conveys the facts as they are and put a positive journalistic idealism as the main grip . It is well to address concerns that people accused television only tool industrialization , " he said .

The series of activities Indonesian television journalism month that includes seminars with the most potential candidate and vice presidential candidate to get an idea of ​​how they will menakhodai this country . Continued IJTI Award 2014 , book launches, exhibitions , increased competence, professional attitude , and the strengthening of idealism members throughout Indonesia .

In addition , to strengthen the national approach , IJTI Television Journalists Association in collaboration with the Asia -Pacific ( AJTAP ) organized an international conference in Manado television journalist .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fighting on Trains , Men 's fined Rp13 , 7 million

A repairman goods , Ng Cheng Kiat , fined Government of Singapore of S $ 1,500 or Rp13 , 7 million because of a fight in the MRT train . Rival , a glass contractor named Teeng Kok Yong .

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , the cause of the quarrel turns trivial . When the MRT train speeding , Ng Teeng suspect had inappropriately touched her lover polite .
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Not received , then quarreled with Teeng Ng . A fight ensued . Ng pulled Teeng body and punched him in the face . Instead , Teeng Ng also kicked twice in the leg .
The matter to the authorities . Ng then tried and sentenced to a fine . Apparently , this is not the first time Ng was involved in a fight .
Last February , he also fought and fined S $ 2,500 or Rp22 , 8 million .

The application of the fines in accordance with the rules applicable in lion country . If involved in a quarrel , the offender could be sentenced to jail for one year and a maximum fine of S $ 5,000 or Rp45 , 6 million .


Sure Jokowi Notwithstanding No More Transactions

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo sure , misuse of funds at the Jakarta administration will not exist anymore . Therefore , Jakarta Provincial Government has menggandengng CPC to oversee every cash transaction Establishments in state-owned banks , BNI , BRI and Bank Mandiri .

"If the bank already has more than 2,000 branches and CPC do audits , I guess this is good for people not afraid to do good deeds with the budgetary irregularities , " said Jokowi , in BPK RI , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

In ceremonial , Jokowi signed an agreement with First Financial State Auditor V CPC Craig Bellamy , Director of Bank Mandiri Budi Gunadi Sadikin , Director of BNI Gatit Mudiantoro Suwondo , BRI President Director Sofyan Basir . And witnessed by Chairman of BPK Chairman Hadi Purnomo and CPC Deputy Hasan Bisri . The purpose of this signing that state 's financial oversight can be done efficiently and transparently .

"I think the system is built in order to narrow , eliminate the chance for people to do is not good , " said Jokowi .

BPK Chief Hadi Purnomo appreciate the bold step oversee city government budgets managed by Capital City Bank . According to him , the first time the city government invited the BPK to audit .

During this time , the BPK audit admitted difficulty of access in and out of cash transactions in the city government because the system is still manual . With this new system , the audit process will be quickly implemented and followed up . Credibility unit (SKPD ) would be much more credible in raising local revenue .

Through this agreement , is also believed to be able to create " e - tracking financial audit " that will benefit the city government .
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" While in the city government , this administration ( Jokowi - Basuki ) for the first time dared to do online transaction system , " said Hadi .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

2 High School Students Shocked There Uniformed Police in School Fence

The involvement of police officers in the supervision of national examinations have not yet been disseminated to the students . Therefore , when looking at the fence police school , two high school students in West Jakarta surprised .

" Time wrote nyampe school then surprised there are many police in front pager school . Bit depressed anyway , so how so, " said Hilda , a class XII student , after attending a national examination Indonesian , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

The same thing is also said to Andi , students of class XII IPS . " There Kagetlah crowded police would fit on the school entrance to get together at the front , " he said .

Deputy Curriculum SMAN 2 Muzadi said , the security personnel from the police as much as 6 Taman Sari and 2 people from Bapinsar .

According to the monitoring Kompas.com , current road conditions are monitored conducive national exam . In the school yard about 10 private cars are parked , whereas only a few motorcycles that look .

" Indeed, we appealed to all the students who participated UN not to take it personally when the test vehicle is 3 days . If the vehicle in the field committee , " said Muzadi to Kompas.com .
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Implementation of the national exam lasts for three days , from 14 to 16 April 2014 . Meanwhile subjects tested include Indonesian , English , Mathematics , Physics , Chemistry and Biology for the field of Natural Sciences ( IPA ) . While the subjects for the Social Sciences ( IPS ) is Indonesian , English , Mathematics , Economics , Sociology and Geography .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

HDR, When and Where Should We Use It

HDR feature is not a new technique in photography . Which stands for High Dynamic Range, which could so easily be interpreted as a method of taking pictures in conditions of the difference between light and dark ( dynamic ) high .

Indeed HDR made ​​to make your pictures look better . Unfortunately , not a few of us who do not understand and actually destroy the pictures taken . Tips will discuss all things about HDR . For example PULSE doing these tips with the help of the iPhone 5 , but actually these tips can be used by all users of any camera that features HDR .
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HDR feature has appeared in the old phones . Including the iPhone , and Samsung Galaxy . As automation solutions when photographing objects under the shade with a blazing light background . However, its use has not been deemed effective . A number of questions that go to the editorial email and chat among users indicate this phone .

HDR setting on the iPhone

No special settings , if you use an iPhone with OS 7 ( 7.1 ) , then you can touch in the middle of writing HDR viewfinder to enable and disable them . But you can choose to save or discard non- HDR photos in the gallery . That is when photographing objects with features HDR On , the phone will store two images . The normal image and one image with HDR . The arrangement can be through Settings - Photos & Camera - sliding bottom - Keep Normal Photo ( Yes / No ) .

Let's start with the HDR How It Works

HDR feature on the phone is easy to use with a snap once you can get the best picture . But basically when we are selecting the HDR On , the camera will shoot at least 3 different picture . Where the three images before bringing digital exposure different , then the system will combine them so that we get a picture that brings the most good lighting , which normally can not be done by the camera lens itself.

Image as if it was ? Imagine you 're photographing rooftops . Or your vehicle that was parked under a shady tree , during the day in the scorching sun conditions . Normal camera lens will tend to choose where you want to capture exposure , whether or part shade part of the sky glare .

When concentrating to catch the shade, the lens will automatically increase the exposure so that the shaded part will be obvious , while the sky will be over exposure . Conversely , when a lens to concentrate ( focus ) on the part of the sky glare , then the exposure will be lowered and the sky will be blue and look good , while the shaded part will appear dark .

Have you ever faced a situation like this ? Well HDR will try to combine the results of the images captured by two opposite extreme exposure had become one of the best photos . Thus produced is a picture or photograph showing the bright sky image , also shaded area under temapat remains clearly visible .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

So Vice President, Ahok Jokowi Request Permission to Prabowo

Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , Joko Widodo may be a candidate for vice president meminangnya accompany the presidential candidate 's PDI-P . However , Jokowi must ask permission to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo .

Vice Governor of Jakarta were also cadres Indonesia Movement Party ( Gerindra ) , Tjahaja Basuki Purnama , said the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) who is also the Governor of Jakarta , Joko Widodo , could ask for her hand as long as the candidate for vice president Jokowi ask permission first on the party .

" Should Gerindra permission , " said Basuki at the City Hall , Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

According to Basuki , he is a party cadre . So , everything that concerns the political steps have permission from a party where he ruled , namely Gerindra .

Previously , Basuki has been said that Gerindra " mewakafkan " himself to serve in Jakarta . It also causes Prabowo did not choose it as a campaigner in the campaign period opens March 16-April 5 last .

"The Secretary General has been asked Mr Prabowo what I want to utilize and Mr. Ridwan Kamil ( Mayor of London ) to be campaigners Gerindra . But Mr. Prabowo emphatically said no , because we 've ' diwakafkan ' to citizens , " said Basuki , ahead of the implementation period open campaign last month .

Jokowi propose suggestions that come from pollsters Basuki Cyrus Network based poll that they did when the legislative elections , on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) . According to data Cyrus , the respondents they interviewed saw these two figures are complementary , not for power , and tested compact in Jakarta .

" This pair ( rated ) ideal lead Indonesia . Ahok will not scramble attention with Jokowi . He always consistent as executor program , are in the office , then Jokowi who work in the field . Character is fitting , " said agency Executive Director Hasan Batupahat Cyrus Network , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

The opinion , Hasan said , was the result of a poll of 8,000 respondents using the exit poll , alias after he asked voters to vote in the polls . Based on the survey , said Hasan , Jokowi and Basuki ranked first pair of the most interest to respondents . Support to reach 41 percent .
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The second order , call him , is Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla with 39 percent support . In the third place , Jokowi get 32 percent support when paired with Ryamizard Ryacudu .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Without Side Effects, Drug Promising Leukemia It Show Results

New York , New drugs developed by Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc showed promising results , although only tested at an early stage . The experiment was performed on several types of leukemia patients AML (acute myeloid leukemia ) and showed no adverse effects .

Seven patients were observed for 28 days after taking the AG - 221 , a new drug they were developing . These patients had AML that have evolved blow up or fail to respond to four different types of treatment .

Of the seven patients , six showed a good response to a given drug . Three patients declared no longer showed symptoms alias gets cancer remission . Two patients otherwise free of symptoms but not yet fully recovered , which means the leukemia has come out of spinal cord blood platelets but they have not returned to normal .
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" I am very excited to know what happens to these patients , who showed a response , " said study leader Dr . Eytan Stein from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York .

AML is a cancer of the blood type of acute leukemia is the most common in adults . Cancer that attacks the blood and the spinal cord and develop very quickly if not treated immediately . AG - 221 drug , said Stein , working with the target gene mutation found in 10 to 15 percent of patients with AML . However, he cautioned that the data he can still in very early .

" If the result has been confirmed ( in a further larger trials ) , the result would be very interesting , " Stein said as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

Patients in the study Stein got 30 or 50 milligrams of AG - 221 , twice in one day . Stein and other researchers did not expect that the results will be visible even if the new drug is given in the lowest dose . He also noted that there are no side effects seen in patients . It is assessed Stein is very different when compared with chemotherapy .