Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All the Regional Spatial chaotic!

Implementation of the Spatial Plan ( Spatial ) throughout Indonesia mess. Spatial Though not include a requirement to change the land use . First convert the green land , productive rice , and forest , into residential , commercial , and industrial .

Minister for Housing , Djan Faridz , reveals that the Bogor regent Rachmat related arrest Yasin by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) when meeting reporters ahead of his final term , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

" Spatial Local Government (LG ) all chaotic , whereas the layout has been determined what percentage of green , yellow what percentage . Changing to receive the money , the KPK arrested . 's A fair way , land in Bekasi , Karawang land in , land in Bogor the land you live on rice . designation change fields, so occupancy . was violated Spatial Planning Act , but why is left ? Because the Commission does not know , " he said .
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Therefore , construction of flats owned ( rusunami ) become very important and crucial . In this way , there should be no logging , pengalihfungsian wetland , and other actions that damage the environment and spatial castrated .

" Regent Bogor arrested for mengalihfungsikan forest land , because he wanted to build the house . Regent Bogor aja arrested . Narrow Do not talk , look of the macros , " said Djan .

Djan said the government , developers , and the community should shift focus on building rusunami . In the era of President Soeharto 's leadership society began to be directed to the vertical housing . In fact , when the supply of land and yet there is still a lot of global warming .

" Now the forests are depleted , still want nyabet paddy soil . Later we want to eat where if there is no rice ? There is no concept of growing rice in concrete - concrete building , " he added .

According to Djan saving , people need to know , they also need to eat . Therefore, do not mengalihfungsikan forest soil and paddy soil . Forest products , such as wood is no less important to everyday life .

"I'll make a circular for Local Government (LG ) , prohibits the use change , " he said .

For the record , hand fishing operations conducted KPK Bogor regent Rachmat Yasin ensnare , Head of Agriculture and Forestry, Bogor Regency Muhammad Zairin , and Xavier Franciskus Yohan from the private sector .

The arrest alleged conversion process protected forest area of ​​2,754 hectares of land to be owned housing developer PT Bukit Jonggol Asri .


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