Monday, May 26, 2014

Finance Minister Admits Hard Raising Tax Revenue

Finance Minister Chatib Basri acknowledged the difficulty increase state revenue from taxes . According to him , fixing the fiscal policy results can not be directly visible as in the field of monetary policy .

That he told the minister that examines a number of mini factions view the House of Representatives ( DPR ) of Indonesia , which asked the government to optimize the sources of state revenue from taxes including one .

" Tax policy different from monetary policy . Kalu monetary policy , interest rate dinaikkin now , the real sector directly brake. Interest rate credit directly ngalir diturunin now , " said he met after the plenary session , in Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .
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"If tax policy is taken now , the new effect next year . Due to collect taxes next year , " said Chatib .

Furthermore, he said , after applied a year later , not be able to do all . It was , further Chatib , tax officials still have to collect money from companies , private persons .

" So it needs time . Was why monetary policy is more than a short term fiscal policy , " he said .

The former head of BKPM , said the tax matter is not easy . Director General of Taxation Fuad Rachmani was already doing everything they can attempt to pursue the tax revenue target of Rp 60 trillion accusto , compared to last year .

However, the result is a new look in the coming year . " It should be slowly , but there are several steps eg individual taxpayers , then e - invoices and then e - online , " he concluded .

Previously , a number of faction Parliament gives his views about tax increases . Some of them are Hanura faction , PAN faction and faction Gerindra . In fact , ask Gerindra Fraction pemerinta pengemplang to crack down on corporate tax to increase state revenue .


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