Friday, May 23, 2014

Anti-American, but the President of Venezuela enjoy doing Twitter

President of Venezuela , Nicolas Maduro , who has been outspoken against the United States ( U.S. ) apparently fond of the U.S. social media sites , namely Twitter . His Twitter account already has 2 million followers or followers .

Despite popular claims in cyberspace , Maduro considered still less popular and less charismatic than his predecessor , Hugo Chavez . "Today reach 2 million followers on Twitter my already active for almost a year ! " He exclaimed during a speech in front of students in Caracas .
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Maduro , like Chavez , by the public in the country considered most misrepresented socialist system , and he actually called agents of the capitalist system . Even some media dubbed fake Venezuela as a socialist state .

Both Maduro and Chavez proved fond of social media Twitter U.S. based . Maduro Twitter account is @ NicolasMaduro . If Maduro has 2 million followers on Twitter , Chavez would have a lot more followers on Twitter , reaching 4 million followers .

Maduro claimed to use Twitter to express things right in the country to people who were hostile to socialist ideology in Venezuela , especially among Americans .

" Of the 2 million ( followers ) , 30 percent are U.S. persons . Every day , my message to reach them . I am grateful to all the followers of this communication tool , to tell the truth about Venezuela , " he said as quoted by Reuters on Saturday ( 05/24/2014 ) .

Caracas and Washington in the last three months of arguing . Government Maduro accused Washington of being behind a massive street protests in Venezuela .


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