Saturday, May 3, 2014

Observer: Jokowi-JK Hint Candidates Meet at Airport-Vice President

Political Director of the Institute PolcoMM Institute , Heri Budianto , said Joko Widodo PDIP candidates meeting with Kalla at Halim Airport , Jakarta , implying the duo became stronger .

" This is a political message can be interpreted that the two will pair up in the upcoming presidential election , " said Heri Budianto here on Saturday .

According to the Political Communication Lecturer Mercu Buana University is , it is not without reason .
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Because when examined from political reality during these two days , where Jokowi Nasdem visited the headquarters of the party and then the signal was given senior vice PDIP and Nasdem that for Jokowi existing one name , it leads to a figure of JK stronger .

Especially enhanced by joining in a coalition PKB PDIP , further strengthens the position as vice JK . Therefore , CLA including JK party nominate as a candidate .

"I think when CLA was docked to the PDI-P can also be read that duet is getting stronger , " he said .

Indeed there Mahfud MD , but in the end the CLA will realistically receive because that will determine Jokowi is Megawati's running mate .

Apart from that , based on a survey conducted acceptability Institute PolcoMM 3 April , the public is most appropriate judge JK paired with Jokowi .

" Therefore , both will co-exist in the government , " he said .


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