Saturday, April 26, 2014

Allegedly Plow Plane Because of Depression

Matt Christopher , an Australian citizen making a scene with his actions while Virgin Australia plane ride from Brisbane to Denpasar . 28 -year -old man was drunk .

Matt then tried to break through the entrance to the aircraft cockpit banging on the cockpit door . The pilot then locked the cockpit door from the inside and sends a signal piracy to the Air Traffic Controllers ( ATC ) Ngurah Rai International Airport , Bali . As soon as the plane landed at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali , Matt finally arrested immediately .
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Matt , the drunkard troublemaker in Virgin Australia plane that turns taking drugs prior to fly . After downing the drugs , he then drank soda .

" Before leaving she take medicine Voltaren 2 eggs , Panadol 4 grains , and 2 cans of soda , " said Head of Bali Police spokesman Sr. Comr Hery Wiyanto in Denpasar , Bali , Saturday, April 26, 2014 .

From the results of the examination while , Matt 's depressed and middle fraught domestic problems with his wife who came from Bandung . Matt Arrivals to Bali to look for his wife .

" It's been 2 weeks of this lost contact (break communication ) . 3 weeks before his wife was to Australia , " said Hery .
Matt has not been named as a suspect . His condition has not been stable . Police confirms , what Matt is not piracy . Only passengers who make a fuss .

"If the Aviation Law , there is Article 412 of Law No. 1 of 2009 on Flight Threatening acts , " said Hery .
Threatened Punishment 2 Year Bui
Professor of International Law , University of Indonesia ( UI FH ) Hikmahanto Heilbron judge , police had jurisdiction or legal authority over Matt who assessed disrupt air travel safety at Ngurah Rai Airport .
" Police Authority is based on the principle of territorial sovereignty plane landed in Indonesia , " Hikmahanto said in a statement received in Jakarta .

If the country where the plane landed relinquish jurisdiction , then the aircraft citizenship , perpetrators , and victims of crime can take over .
According Hikmahanto , if handled in Indonesia , Matt can be charged under Article 412 of Law No. 1 of 2009 on Aviation . In the article it is mentioned , every person on board the aircraft during the flight that acts endangering flight safety and security can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp 500 million .
As a result of the action Matt , I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport was closed for 35 minutes after at 14:40 to 15:15 pm . During the closure there were nine flights were diverted to the details of seven flights to the Juanda Airport - Surabaya and two flights to Lombok International Airport as well as a cost - Praya RTB ( return to base ) to Surabaya - Juanda Airport back .

Chronology Alleged Piracy
Matt troublemakers action originated from a report conducted Aircraft Virgin Australia Brisbane - Denpasar route hijacked . Suspected hijacked plane later landed at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali at 14:43 pm . The atmosphere at the airport in an uproar Friday, April 25 afternoon .
Bravo Detachment 90 of the Air Force Paskhas and Sat Gultor ( 81/Penanggulangan Terror Unit ) of Special Forces were deployed to the airport . They are ready to find out suspected piracy Virgin Australia aircraft type Boeing 737-800 with 41 VA flight number and registration number VH YIF Brisbane - Denpasar route .

The plane carrying 137 passengers including two infants and 6 crew and piloted by Neil Thomas Coper and Co Pilot Rian Richard Stokel then declared to be hijacked . Just a drunken passenger who disturb the comfort of the passengers .
The airline also confirmed there was no piracy . " There is news that Virgin Australia plane was hijacked in the route to Denpasar , it is not true , " said a statement posted on the Facebook page Virgin Australia , Friday, April 25, 2014 .

According to the Section Head Communication and Legal Angkasa Pura Shively Sanssouci , no passengers were injured . " It's a good landing , none ( Passenger ) were wounded , " he explained .
Drunks who make trouble in the Virgin Australia plane Air Force finally arrested at Ngurah Rai Airport , Bali . Naval Base Commander Colonel Ngurah Rai Air Force Airmen Sudiharto Prapto W said the arrests were made as capturing pirates .

There was no resistance Matt Christopher suspected pirates captured the moment . He was then handcuffed and taken off the plane . When arrested Matt unstable . His speech is also not good . The man seemed confused . He was dazed . Even according to the crew, Matt looked frightened .
After a series of initial examination at Base Ops Lanud Ngurah Rai , Bali , troublemakers on Virgin Air plane , Matt Christopher eventually transferred to the Bali Police . Christopher was taken using a police car at around 18:30 pm , with tight security .

Nearly 3 hours Christoper undergo a series of examinations . Starting from the identity and motive of its own actions . Christopher was not the first time it came to Bali .
Police also conduct urine tests and blood checks . Checking to see if Matt was drunk and mengosumsi drugs .
Bali Police also checked the flight crew is Virgin Australia pascainsiden troublemakers . General Directorate of Criminal Investigation investigators examine the captain Neil Thomas Cooper , Ryan Richard Stockwell co-pilot and cabin crew that the flight attendants on Saturday, April 26, 2014 .

Matt finally treated in Space Ratna , Trijata Police Hospital , Denpasar on Friday night after a 2-hour examination at the Bali Police .
Until Saturday , Matt can not questioning why do mischief . From the results of the investigation while , Matt was depressed due to family problems .


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