Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fighting on Trains , Men 's fined Rp13 , 7 million

A repairman goods , Ng Cheng Kiat , fined Government of Singapore of S $ 1,500 or Rp13 , 7 million because of a fight in the MRT train . Rival , a glass contractor named Teeng Kok Yong .

Reporting from the news station Channel News Asia , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 , the cause of the quarrel turns trivial . When the MRT train speeding , Ng Teeng suspect had inappropriately touched her lover polite .
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Not received , then quarreled with Teeng Ng . A fight ensued . Ng pulled Teeng body and punched him in the face . Instead , Teeng Ng also kicked twice in the leg .
The matter to the authorities . Ng then tried and sentenced to a fine . Apparently , this is not the first time Ng was involved in a fight .
Last February , he also fought and fined S $ 2,500 or Rp22 , 8 million .

The application of the fines in accordance with the rules applicable in lion country . If involved in a quarrel , the offender could be sentenced to jail for one year and a maximum fine of S $ 5,000 or Rp45 , 6 million .


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