Monday, April 21, 2014

PPP DIY: Support groomed, Suryadharma Injury Heart cadres

Decision DPP Chairman Ali Suryadharma Development Party advocating unilateral pencapresan Prabowo was judged to have offended the PPP cadres in the area , one in Yogyakarta Special Region .

It was said to be the Chairman of the Board of Regional Leadership ( DPW ) United Development Party ( PPP ) DIY Ma'sum Amrullah in Yogyakarta , on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

" We are strongly opposed to the decision in the area Suryadharma Ali . He had no commitment to the party's internal rules , " said Ma'sum .

According to him , the attitude has hurt Suryadharma cadres in the field since rallies Gerindra some time ago . That attitude also judged crashing rules proposed by Suryadharma among themselves . Suryadharma forbid PPP cadre party favor competitors .

" Suddenly he attended the party campaign our competitors , it is highly unethical and it really hurt cadre of friends who have been struggling , bleeding on the ground . Right he had never felt how pain and bitterness in the field to build support suddenly, the DPP can be many millions of votes, " he said .

According to him , the decision to support Suryadharma Prabowo has been out of the corridor Statutes and Bylaws ( AD / ART ) as well as the conference 's decision .

" The point was out of the conference decisions , decisions Conggress Kediri , and Conggress Bandung . Accordance nationally has been decided that the presidential and vice presidential candidate will be announced after the results of the legislative elections, " he said .

Party political policy -making mechanism , he said , must work through a national consensus ( Mukernas ) or at least through national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) .

" But , when he came out ( of the decision ) , the automatic stay should be subject to sanctions . CBOs course there are rules , " said Amrullah Ma'sum .
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Previously , Suryadharma stated that the declaration of support that he gave to Prabowo , on Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) , is not the official stance of the PPP . According to him , the support has not been formally declared as a coalition .


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