Saturday, April 12, 2014

HDR, When and Where Should We Use It

HDR feature is not a new technique in photography . Which stands for High Dynamic Range, which could so easily be interpreted as a method of taking pictures in conditions of the difference between light and dark ( dynamic ) high .

Indeed HDR made ​​to make your pictures look better . Unfortunately , not a few of us who do not understand and actually destroy the pictures taken . Tips will discuss all things about HDR . For example PULSE doing these tips with the help of the iPhone 5 , but actually these tips can be used by all users of any camera that features HDR .
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HDR feature has appeared in the old phones . Including the iPhone , and Samsung Galaxy . As automation solutions when photographing objects under the shade with a blazing light background . However, its use has not been deemed effective . A number of questions that go to the editorial email and chat among users indicate this phone .

HDR setting on the iPhone

No special settings , if you use an iPhone with OS 7 ( 7.1 ) , then you can touch in the middle of writing HDR viewfinder to enable and disable them . But you can choose to save or discard non- HDR photos in the gallery . That is when photographing objects with features HDR On , the phone will store two images . The normal image and one image with HDR . The arrangement can be through Settings - Photos & Camera - sliding bottom - Keep Normal Photo ( Yes / No ) .

Let's start with the HDR How It Works

HDR feature on the phone is easy to use with a snap once you can get the best picture . But basically when we are selecting the HDR On , the camera will shoot at least 3 different picture . Where the three images before bringing digital exposure different , then the system will combine them so that we get a picture that brings the most good lighting , which normally can not be done by the camera lens itself.

Image as if it was ? Imagine you 're photographing rooftops . Or your vehicle that was parked under a shady tree , during the day in the scorching sun conditions . Normal camera lens will tend to choose where you want to capture exposure , whether or part shade part of the sky glare .

When concentrating to catch the shade, the lens will automatically increase the exposure so that the shaded part will be obvious , while the sky will be over exposure . Conversely , when a lens to concentrate ( focus ) on the part of the sky glare , then the exposure will be lowered and the sky will be blue and look good , while the shaded part will appear dark .

Have you ever faced a situation like this ? Well HDR will try to combine the results of the images captured by two opposite extreme exposure had become one of the best photos . Thus produced is a picture or photograph showing the bright sky image , also shaded area under temapat remains clearly visible .


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